Friday, January 29, 2010

This year began for us with a holiday to Orbost Victoria to visit some dear friends. Amongst swimming in the Snowy River, canoeing and croquet my friend Carolyn taught me how to make a lead light window for a cupboard door. Lead lighting is something I always wanted to try and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. Here it is sitting on the cupboard it will eventually fit into.

On our return trip we went to visit Foxglove Spires, the garden featured in the book Velvet Pears by Susan Southam. What a delight! And to think this garden is only about twenty-five years old.
We took our time wandering, absorbing its beauty and gathering ideas for the garden we would love one day.

On the creative side of things... here are a few things that I've been up to lately. A few years ago I wanted to make an old fashion wax doll for my daughter's birthday. But of course I didn't know how, so I designed a calico doll and dipped her in melted wax. Now six years on and with the wax not as easy to come by, I thought I'd have another go only this time using varnish. They remind me of wooden spoons so I've called them Wooden Spoon Dolls. I've been selling them in a local country shop.

Free hand machine applique is another fun thing I've been learning lately. Along with three other friends we decided to make the Willow cushion by Don't Look Now. I hadn't used my free hand machine foot before and was a bit unsure about the whole machine applique thing. After a lot of practice on scraps I bit the bullet and started out. When I started to relax and enjoy the process my mind started to run and I thought I'd have a little fun creating my own design. I was inspired by a friends sister who teaches under privileged girls in Cambodia to make and decorate cakes as a form of income. As you can see I have not yet finished. I need to stippled quilt the entire background. (Another skill I am learning on the machine.)

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  1. How are you Dear Gina? It's been so long. How lovely to see what you've been up to. I am very jealous indeed of your visit to Foxglove Spires! I hope you and your family are all well. Love your beautiful work too!!